Music is taught at all grade levels at Richardson Elementary, and is presented to each student as a language that connects with the emotions, as well as the intellect.  Students discover that music:

  • Enhances understanding of the world around us
  • Challenges students to think in a different manner, to embody the information, to be thoughtful and imaginative, and to execute from an emotional level, as well as with technical skill
  • Allows for personal expression.

Through music, students are also challenged to collaborate and encourage each other’s personal growth.  For our older students, daily instrument practice fosters a healthy habit of setting goals, perseverance, and self-monitoring their progress.  Performance allows the student to share in a meaningful way with the greater community.

Grade 6/7 Band

The goal of our Grade 6 and 7 Band Program is to help students appreciate music as a performance art in a fun and meaningful way.

Band is a highly participatory class.  Students learn the basic technique of various brass, woodwind and percussion instruments in an ensemble setting, as well as music theory.  They demonstrate their learning through at least two school performances throughout the year (Christmas and Year-End).  In addition this year, our large combined Grade 6/7 Band will be performing at the Kiwanis Music Festival in May!

Grade 5/6 Ukulele and Grade 3/4 Recorder

Many of our Grades 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to be introduced to playing the Ukulele through our Music Program.  Grade 4 students are introduced to the Recorder.


The Richardson Choir is filled with a range of students between Grades 3 and 5.  This voluntary, extracurricular activity is organized by Mr. Medzon, and meets on Thursday afternoons in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Our repertoire consists of various styles including pop, classical, world music and folk.

Richardson Music Website

For more information, please visit our Richardson’s Music Website.