In addition to regularly scheduled Physical Education classes, we invite a variety of guest instructors to share their expertise and love of sport with our students, including Footy, Curling, Lacrosse, Badminton, Karate, Gymnastics, Skiing and Snowboarding.  Richardson students also have the opportunity to participate in several of seasonal athletic opportunities.

General Schedule:

  • Cross-Country (September to October) ~ Grades 3 through 7
  • Volleyball (October to November) ~ Grades 6 and 7
  • Basketball (January to February) ~ Grades 6 and 7
  • Hoop Shoot (February to March) ~ Grades 5 through 7
  • Track and Field (March to May) ~ Grades 4 through 7.

Delta Recreation Pass Program

Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture Department has offered this program to Delta students since 2005 as a way to encourage healthy, active lifestyles, and to introduce Delta’s youth to their recreation facilities.

The Drop-in Admission Pass is free, and allows all Grades Five through Twelve students (age 10-18) who live in Delta to stay active and get unlimited access to Delta’s recreation centers and drop-in activities and programs.

The Program has proven to be very successful over the years, and has resulted in introducing many families to activities they may not otherwise have tried.

Program details can be found on the Delta’s website at under Recreation Access.