Personal Safety Reflectors

As we move into the winter season and the daylight hours grow shorter, we are pleased to offer families the opportunity to purchase personal safety reflectors for your children’s jackets, backpacks and anywhere else you would like to clip them to increase their visibility.  They make great Christmas Stocking Stuffers, too!

To a driver, the reflector appears brilliant white when illuminated by their vehicle’s headlights.  When a child is wearing a reflector, his or her movements make the reflector appear to flicker, capturing the driver’s attention.  Made of all recyclable materials, these reflectors increase visibility up to 250 metres when illuminated by a light source, making them highly noticeable.  They do not need batteries and are durable in all weather conditions – 100% waterproof, 100% reflective even when wet.  Reflectors have been worn by school children in Scandinavia for many years are are an integral part of a school’s safety program.

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Reflectors Order final form

Please note that the due date has been extended to Friday, December 13th.