CSL – Communicating Student Learning

Mar 14

Our “CSL” reports are going home today.  The term “Communicating Student Learning” encompasses much more than the term “report card”.  The idea is that we communicate learning in all sorts of ways and that this ‘snapshot’ is just one component.  Other ways in which we communicate to parents include previews, conferences, work sent home, etc.  The report you receive today is focused on the process of student learning (what students can do and their next steps in learning).  This reporting process ties in with the new Ministry of Education guidelines for reporting, and the format of the report is still a work in progress.

As has been mentioned previously, these reports use a grid of achievement levels as the learning indicators (e.g., Not Yet Meeting, Partially Meeting, Meeting, Exceeding).  By taking the focus off of a summative, final assessment such as letter grades, we are encouraging students to continue to work with their peers, families and teachers, to move their learning forward.  We want our students to understand that learning is ongoing, and that they have the ability to develop the tools they need to delve into the next steps of their learning.  Let’s focus on the ongoing successes and challenges that students encounter, face, create, achieve, and reflect on throughout the learning process!