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As a school community we have spent time this fall determining the values that guide and underpin our actions, what is important to us and what we will pay attention to as we move forward (our purpose and mission) and what we aspire to for the future (our vision).

Teaching staff, CUPE staff, parents and students were all consulted for their thoughts and ideas, and two teachers with deep roots in the community (Mrs. Shelley Houle and Mme Cathy Romans) took this information and distilled it into the words depcited within the picture above.  Mme Shireen Tayob then designed the art into which we placed our words. 

We will spend time this year focusing on the different facets of our vision in order to ensure that it continues to guide our actions and interactions as we move forwards.

The words depicted in the picture above are:

Our Values

  • Lifelong Learning (including literacy, passion, numeracy, curiosity)
  • Community (including connectivity, collaboration, celebration, inclusion)
  • Citizenship (including responsibility, gratitude, respect, empathy)
  • Well Being (including social, emotional, and self-regulation)
  • Balance (between the individul and group and between work and play)

Our Purpose and Mission

To nurture the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit of each member of our School Family

Our Vision

Richardson is a shining example of Caring, Learning and Diversity

To help with our vision >>> Dreams and Effort lead to: involvement, joy, potential, achievement, child-centredness, cultural awareness, innovation, acceptance and love