École Élémentaire Richardson Elementary School

Message From Dianne Turner, Superintendent Of Schools


Dear Parents and Guardians:

As the labour dispute between the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and BC Public School Employers' Association (BCPSEA) continues to disrupt our schools, I would like to provide you with information that is likely of concern.

Status of the Strike

As you are aware, on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 a full-scale teacher strike began, which ended classes for the school year. While we were optimistic that a settlement could be reached between the teachers’ union and government, the two sides appear to have now reached an impasse. The possibility of schools reconvening before the end of the school year seems very unlikely.

Report Cards

Grades K-7
The strike action will not allow for the completion and distribution of report cards for students in grades K through 7. The assessment information that we need in order to produce report cards is not consistently available due to the strike, nor do we have resources available to produce full report cards; therefore, we are not able to produce an accurate statement of your child’s progress at this time. Unless you have been notified otherwise, your child will progress to the next grade and no final report card will be issued.

Summer School

At this date, the district does not have information from the BCTF about whether or not the strike will continue with pickets throughout the summer. If teachers are on strike and picket lines are up, there will be no summer school. If there is a decision by the BCTF to let summer school proceed by withdrawing pickets and allowing teachers to work during summer, or if there is a negotiated agreement between the BCTF and BCPSEA, summer school will proceed. We are prepared and ready to go, but at this point, summer school is looking very tenuous. We will wait as long as possible to see what the job action allows us to do with our plans for summer school.

Further Information

The Delta School District will continue to inform parents of any changes or developments in the job action status through school websites and the district website at web.deltasd.bc.ca. We also encourage you to continue to pay close attention to media reports about the labour dispute.

I appreciate these situations can be difficult and want to thank you for your patience. We truly do have an incredible learning community in Delta. I continue to hope that there will soon be a resolution at the bargaining table, or through mediation, so we can continue to provide innovative teaching and enable all of our learners to reach their full potential. Thank you again for your understanding during these trying times.

Yours truly,

Dianne Turner,

Delta School District